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The 50´s...

In order to compete with products and brands already existent in the Colombian market, Don Pedro Domecq y Gonzales, Vizconde de Almocadén and Don Rafael Picciotto Esses decided to create a company dedicated to produce, import, export and distribute wines and spirits.


Thus, in 1954 a partnership named Distribuidora de Productos Domecq Ltda. was established, changing its name years later to Pedro Domecq Colombia SA, today PDC Vinos y Licores SAS.


To increase its market share and presence in the market, Casa Domecq's portfolio of Spanish wines and spirits was expanded, including the renowned Jerez Fino La Ina, Oloroso Rio Viejo, sweet Viña 25 sherry, Carlos I, Carlos III and Fundador brandies.


Not long after, Domecq Colombia started the production and distribution in Colombia of Martini Rossi’s vermouths, as well as some of the liqueurs of the French company Marie Brizard.


This was the first time that world-renowned products were successfully produced in Colombia, maintaining the extraordinary quality that characterized them. Shortly after, VAT 69 Scotch Whisky, Booth's High & Dry English gin, Viña Ardanza Spanish Rioja wine, as well as other French, Argentinean, and Chilean wines were also incorporated into the portfolio.

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The 60´s...

In 1964, following the advice of Don Pedro Domecq y Gonzales and his brother Don Jose Ignacio Domecq y Gonzales, known worldwide as “The Nose”, the first swan-neck pot still was imported to Valle del Cauca, Colombia,a place where vines were already being cultivated.


The distillation of wine produced with Colombian Isabella grapes resulted in the "holandas", the main raw material of brandy. Later, thanks to the aging of these “holandas” in American oak barrels brought from Jerez de la Frontera, better known as "Botas Jerezanas", the first Colombian brandy, Brandy Domecq, was born.

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The 70´s...

Thanks to the modern bottling equipment that the company already had at the time, bulk whisky was imported to Colombia, originally bottled as Scot's Grey whisky and other spirits which included Wolkof Vodka.

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The 80´s...

At the beginning of the 1980's, a new production facility was inaugurated in Cali, Colombia. This plant was designed with state-of-the-art technology aimed at improving production efficiency and thus respond to the high demand. 

In 1984, Highland Supreme, the world's first brand of a Scotch whisky owned by a Colombian company, was launched in the market with tremendous acceptance of the consumers thus becoming a relevant brand in the market.

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The 90´s...

In 1994, the British multinational Allied Lyons, acquired all of Pedro Domecq S.A. Spain, changing its name to Allied Domecq and becoming the second largest wine and spirits company in the world.

With the acquisition of Domecq Spain, Allied Domecq became a shareholder of Pedro Domecq Colombia. Taking advantage of the broad portfolio of Allied Domecq, products such as Tequila Sauza and Whisky Ballantines were imported to Colombia.

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In 2000... 2010

In 2005, the French group Pernod Ricard, the world's number three multinational wines and spirits company at the time, announced a friendly takeover of Allied Domecq.

With this new merger, Pernod Ricard became a shareholder in Pedro Domecq Colombia. The year 2004 marked 50 successful years of Pedro Domecq in Colombia.

In 2008 the company invested in a new ERP, integrating accounting, supply chain, human resources, IT, and production. This and other technological investments  allowed the company to stay at the forefront of technology.

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In 2010... 2020

In 2012 Brandy Domecq was recognized as number one “top of mind” amongst consumers of spirits. That same year relevant changes were made to the packaging of Brandy Domecq presenting a new bottle maintaining the traditional Domecq coat of arms engraved on the glass and a beautiful clean label. This packaging is currently available in the national market.


The year 2014 marked 60 years since the company’s establishment. To commemorate this special date, an exclusive brandy was aged and reserved for the occasion, bottled exclusively under the Signare brand. This project sought to revive the history of the company through a pictorial of all the signatures and/or dedications collected over time which rest on the front of the barrels of the Don Pedro cellar in Bogotá.